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2013 Resolutions: July & August
Hey-hey, haven't updated this journal in quite a while. So, it's technically already the last day of summer, a good time to write some summaries.

Trial and all the judicial proceedings: In fact, all the nasty trial buisiness is already over, but there are still things to do. Gladly, it is now only a question of time and we've already started working on the very last thing that was left undone. Definitely a good thing. However, once that's finished, there's another thing I have to do... hmm...
Work: Almost nothing in August, but quite an amount in July! Had a really, really tough all-nighter once, and I hope that will never happen again. Getting too old for this xD
Health: Oooh, I went to see some doctors (finally!). Had a number of check-ups to do. Nothing serious so far, but have to do a couple of tests more when I have the time. Also, I've been to the dentist... meh, costly buisiness, but necessary. The only bad news so far is that I have a problem with my wisdom teeth (all of them, lol!) and gotta do somtheing about them soon. So.. still a lot of things to do.
Apart from seeing the doctors, I feel fine. Lost some weight though, not exactly sure why.
Getting out (new one!): Well, I mentioned it earlier that it would be good for me to get out more. And I actually did! Like, I've been to Geek Picnic - that was pretty cool but I am, unfortunately, way too lazy now to write about that in detail. There were also other places, but... oh, I'm such a lazy blogger :D
Regime: You'd be surprized, but actually I had some luck here! My regime is very far from being exemplary, but it's better, at least more stable. So.. way to go.
General mood: ...hm. I'm not exactly sure how to summarize this. I feel great, yeah. But... instead of going into details, there's only one little thing I'd like to mention: in the evening yesterday I started to wash dishes (wow, how trivial, I know) and I turned to the kitchen table to clear it. There were two plates there and two spoons. Two. That probably sounds silly, but I'm so accustomed to eating alone (at home) that seeing this really made me feel weird. In a very happy way. It's all about the details after all.

Room for improvement:
Study & my other blog. Well... I hardly did anything at all, I confess. I might feel bad about it, but not that much. I didn't plan for that to happen, but I guess I took a vacation of sorts. So no big deal, really. The only thing is - I have to start working for real in the months to come.
Also: The only thing I'm sort of ashamed of is the fact that I hardly even communicated with some of my friends... my head is just so full of stuff right now, but that's really no excuse.

Summary: I have the strangest feeling about this summer. It was both very long and very short at the same time. To think about it, a lot of things happened. But on the other hand, everything sort of happened very fast. I guess that's what happens when there's no miserable thoughts making your days long and unbearable.
So... everything's ok? Yes, it is!

And just to make this entry a bit less tedious: my mint started to blossom a while ago! *__*


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