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2013 Resolutions: June
Late again! Oh, whatever. June was a busy month, simply packed with stuff.

Trial and all the judicial proceedings: Hm. Still not quite finished. Have to take the issue into my own hands and just finish it already!
Work: A lot of it. Well... to think about it, not THAT much, but with everything else I had to do, there was hardly any time to just sit around drinking tea. Phew.
Study: A LOT of it. Actually, I managed to forget about an important paper I had to hand in at the department office by the end of the year. Aaand... my advisor had JUST left for her summer vacation and I still needed her to sign that paper! Er. Long story short: if I didn't made it, they might've kicked me out of the University, all because of that thrice-damned paper! xD But everything was ok in the end.
Also, we had lots of Japanese classes. Like, three or even four times a week.
Health: Not bad. Might've used a bit more exercise though... also, gotta go see a doctor some time soon, I keep forgetting about that...
Entertainment: Err... to tell the truth, I hardly even watched anything at all and didn't really read that much. However, I was quite entertained most of the time nevertheless xD
General mood: Good. Weird, isn't it? :D Well, that's the truth! Most of the time it felt really nice. And even much more that just nice sometimes. Oh, well :)

Room for improvement: same as last month! Ugh! >_<

Summary: You know what? It's really nice to have a summer that actually feels like summer and not like some weird... time... full of misery :D And I'm not talking about weather! It's been a while. A very very long while.

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делаю ровно столько, сколько на данный момент могу делать без ущерба для других видов деятельности и здоровья. - вот да, мой лозунг на текущий момент )

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