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Random thought is random
*yawn* Oh, I'm sooo tired. I have so much to do these days! However...

Lately, my mind had been occupied with a very strange idea about my personality.
I'm not complaining, but there are certain... areas of life where I was dramatically out of luck in the past. Especially in my youth (10-18 years or something like that). I won't deny it, that time that made me feel quite miserable at times AND "endowed" me with lots of fears and issues in years to come.
A misery of any type is, of course, valuable experience too, but lately I was somehow staggered by the new (for me, it is) and surprising idea. That were it not for that terrible bad luck in the past, I could've grown to be a rather unpleasant person. At least, at certain levels. I mean, I know quite a bit about myself, I know it could've been different.
However, the aforementioned absence of luck tought me how to treasure many, many things properly. It also tought me patience (to some extent at least), and sympathy (I do have a tendency to be rather pitiless and harsh at times), and else...

Mostly, I'm not the type of person to feel regret, I don't spend time lamenting my past. But more than that, my bad luck could very well turn to be my good luck after all. IF it makes me a more considerate, sympathetic or caring friend (or more than a friend). IF it keeps me from hurting people I value and appreciate.

But that is not for me to decide.

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