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Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

Life, The Universe and Everything

Ideal Insomnia
12 April 1988
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Hello there. This journal is bilingual. Well... sort of. Actually, from time to time it might be mostly in English or mostly in Russian (yes, my native language).
Mostly I write about various stuff I read/watch/play/listen to and anything else that I like. However, lately my life's been a mess, so any number of delirious depressive nonsense can be expected.
Friending-policy: feel free to add me if you're interested or to remove me if you're not. If you've added me and want me to add you back, you can leave comments wherever you want in this journal or send me a message with some info about yourself. Anyway, if you have something to say - any comments are welcomed.
And the last but not the least. English isn't my native language so I humbly apologize for all the mistakes I'm making. It would be very nice of you to point a mistake out and I'll try not to make it again. Thank you for your understanding!

Для русскоговорящих читателей: в основном этот журнал ведется на английском, но на комментарии это никак не распространяется. Можете оставлять комментарии на каком угодно языке, хоть на китайском, если я смогу вас понять - я вам отвечу.

...The more mechanical people to whom life is a shrewd speculation depending on a careful calculation of ways and means, always know where they are going, and go there. <...> But with the dynamic forces of life, and those in whom those dynamic forces become incarnate, it is different. People whose desire is solely for self-realisation never know where they are going. They can't know...

Oscar Wilde, De Profundis