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2013 Resolutions: September
Oh, well. I have to be honest, it doesn't seem like I'd be writing more in my LJ any time soon. However, I'm still doing that Resolutions thing to the very end! It's a nice practice. And more than that, I already have a faint idea about some brand new resolutions in 2014. Well, we'll see.

Trial and all the judicial proceedings: Still waiting for the last phase to end. Also got some of the other red tape stuff going, not a pleasant work but had to be done.
Work: Only bits and pieces here and there, but, oh, it's not like I was just sitting around drinking tea all that time.
Health: Guess what? I fell ill during the very first week of the September! The weather was nasty - cold, damp and very unstable. Lots of ill people around, central heating still not working... it was a dangerous month for health. Recovering took me forever! Thankfully, I had someone to look for me while I was really sick, but, nevertheless, an outrage. Such a total waste of time! Gotta take care now. I don't have time for that.
Getting out: welp, as you can guess, there isn't much I could do with a lung-splitting cough, so...
Regime: Oh, more or less ok. I did have some trouble falling asleep a while ago, still not exactly sure why. Maybe too much red tea...
General mood: I feel safe. I'm not exactly sure when was the last time I felt so safe. It feels great.

Room for improvement:
Study: Gotta step up my work! The last exam is right ahead of me, I better be ready!
My other blog: Oh.. I don't really know... >__>

that illness really took away a lot of my time. However, it wasn't a bad month. Not at all. In the very last days of September there was even room for some very very special experiences. I am grateful, truly.

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я тебе там ЛС кинул )
нужна маленькая помощь )

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