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Suddenly! Sculpture!
Among all the arts of the world, sculpture is probably one less known to me. A shame it is. That, however, doesn't mean there never was a sculpture that amazed me. There were quite a few. But I only wanted to write about one little piece. A rather well known piece, I suppose. It is The Cathedral or The Cathedral Hands by Auguste Rodin.
It is a small piece and a very simple one - two right hands belonging to different persons, apparently about to clasp. However... there's just something in the way those hands are positioned. The space between them seems to be filled with tension. As the description at the Musee-rodin.fr states, "Emptiness was a factor that Rodin used to allow for, and, as Rilke pointed out, “the role of air had always been extremely important” for him (Rilke, 1928)." Emptiness, indeed! Space that is vacant and not vacant at the same time. The tension between elements apart. That is... so Gothic (architecturally, of course)!
However, Gothic or not, there's also something very moving in those hands. The energy, the tension - everything adds up to a deep sense of intimacy. No matter how many times I look at the pictures of that sculpture, there's always that feeling that there is so much going on there. Ah! Less is more indeed, at least with Rodin.


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