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2013 Resolutions: May
Woops, late again! May felt like a really long month. Lots of stuff going on.

Trial and all the judicial proceedings: Done! Wooohooo! Well, almost. There are still things to do but, hopefully, the most unpleasant part is over. Much quicker than I expeceted too.
Work: Didn't do any. Intentionally, because of the next item on the list.
Study: Victory!.. My first really important article is on its way to being printed and two of the three exams are finished with excellent marks. Yay!
Health: Unfortunately, I overstrained myself a tiny bit while preparing for exams and ended up ill. Sort of ridiculous, as the weather is really hot. Oh, well...
General mood: In fact, really good. Feelin' mellow and relaxed. Which is extremely surprising even for me. Haven't done any work this month and I don't give a damn. It's high time to enjoy myself for a while*!

Driving this road down to Paradise
Letting the sunlight into my eyes
Our only plan is to improvise
And it's crystal-clear:
I never want it to end.

Room for improvement:
Regime: Meh... still no luck.
TEH cool-story blog: Damn, I MUST write that post! I have to!..

Summary: A good month. Managed to do what I had to do and kept my wits about me. Gotta really do something about that terrible lung-splitting cough though x__x

*Oh, wait. The same moment I wrote this I actually got e-mail with some work xD But it's ok, now I have plenty of time.

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Нет пока, еще специальность) Самое ответственное оставила на осень специально) Перед собственной кафедрой всегда страшнее всего опозориться О_о

с двумя экзаменами всё равно поздравляю)))

и со специальностью тоже всё будет прекрасно, я уверен!)

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